Brush Ninja Animated Gif Creator

Shapes & Stickers

Brush Ninja has a shapes tool that allows you to use some already existing shapes. Some apps call these stickers, but I’ve gone with shapes.

You can access the shapes by clicking on the shapes icon in the top menu. The icon looks like a square overlapping a circle.

When you switch to the shapes tool you can see a few simple shapes, square, circle, triangle, star, and heart. However, if you click on the More + button then there is a wide selection of other shapes available.

The shapes have been grouped into different categories that can be selected from the dropdown menu, or you can browse the selection and pick what you want.

Drawing shapes

To draw shapes you should select the shape you want to draw from the menu, and then click and drag on the frame drawing space.

Once the shape has been drawn you can switch to select mode and select the shape. This allows you to move, scale, and rotate the shape. You can also change the colour of the shape here.

Finally you can copy and paste the shape to make lots of copies on one frame, or to copy the shape to other frames.

More Help?