How to fold the Comic

  1. Prepare your comic by trimming the edges to remove the borders.
  2. With the print side on top, fold the paper along the dotted lines.
  3. Cut the dashed lines in the middle of the page.
  4. Fold tabs to opposite ends so that the front and back pages are visible.
  5. Fold in half vertically.
  6. Fold in half one last time so that the cover is on the front and back of the comic.

Step 1

Make Comic Books and Magazines

Make small 8 page booklets that you print on a single piece of paper and then, with a scissor cut or two and some folding, turn your printout into a comic/ magazine/ book/ leaflet/ whatever you like.

Sometimes called PocketsMods; this method for folding little booklets is a great way to make small books that you can put in your pocket or bag and taken everywhere with you. From a weekly planner, through a daily diary, a gratitude journal, or for carrying important information - there are no limits to their use.

This free Magazine Maker, and Comic Book Creator, is very simple to use. Create 8 images in an editor of your choice and then import them in whatever order you want.

The Brush Ninja apps, animation maker, and photo collage creator, both support the image sizes needed for the free online Comic Book Creator.

ℹī¸ Comic Maker Help

Recent Comic Maker News

New free app: Comic Maker

05 December 2021

As I mentioned in the newsletter recently, I have been working on a simple comic maker. This little app takes 8 images, one image for each page of the comic, and then positions them on a page so that they can be exported as a single image and then printed....

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