Brush Ninja Animated Gif Creator

How to Save your Animation

Saving an animation in Brush Ninja can be done through a simple browser based interface. The files will be saved on your computer so you should make sure to save them somewhere safe.

Saving and Loading

Animations you create in Brush Ninja can be saved, and reloaded so that you can continue working on the animation at a later date. This is the recommended way to work on an in progress animation.

To save an animation for reopening later you should:

  1. Press the Save button in the top menu
  2. Select the Save the Ninja animation file option

This will create a .brushninja file that you will download to your computer (probably your downloads folder) and then you should move to somewhere safe such as your Documents folder.

Loading an animation is as simple as:

  1. Press the Open button in the top menu
  2. Press the Choose a Brush Ninja file button and select your file
  3. Press Open and then wait for it to load

Saving in the browser

Brush Ninja will attempt to save your animation in the browser. This should be considered a safeguard/ backup. It mostly works but occasionally animations will not save in the browser so work could be lost if you rely on this. In addition - in some places, such as schools and libraries, data stored in the browser gets cleared when the browser is closed. So this method is not reliable.

Top tip If you are working on something important, for example school work, make sure you save a .brushninja file.

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