Code Ninja 2D

Make Art with Code

This App is in Testing | It's not final and is likely to change. There's probably bugs. Feedback is welcome.


Code Ninja 2D is a fun drawing app for the creative minds of all ages. Inspired by the classic programming language Logo, Code Ninja 2D provides you with a fun platform to unleash your artistic skills whilst learning the fundamentals of programming.

With its user-friendly interface, you can draw your first lines in seconds. We have some simple documentation, colour reference, and built in examples, so that you can get something on the screen in no time at all. You can save your creations as images and share them on social media or with friends.

The app’s code commands are easy to learn, making it perfect for those who want a simple introduction to programming or for kids who want to explore their creativity. Code Ninja 2D is designed to be fun and educational, giving you the chance to learn important skills such as problem-solving and computational thinking.

So if you’re looking for a fun new hobby or an educational tool, look no further than Code Ninja 2D. Get started today, it’s free and easy!

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