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Brush Ninja is a super simple animation tool - designed to make it as easy as possible for people to get started with traditional animation skills. This document outlines how to use the Brush Ninja animation creator, and covers some of the more advanced features that may not be immediately obvious.

The Editor

The editor is divided into three sections.

Underneath the frame canvas is a control panel. From here you can change the animation settings, and play the animation.

Playing the animation is as simple as pressing the play button. When you do this all of the controls will fade out so that you can focus on watching the animation. To bring the controls back press the play button (which will have changed to a stop button).


There are a variety of tools in Brush Ninja that allow you to create fun animations.

The Timeline

The timeline shows the frames that make up your animation. Each frame will be displayed for a fraction of a second before showing the next frame. By default only one frame will be displayed. Click the big green ‘add frame’ button to add more frames.

To change the selected frame in the editor simply click the frame you want to work on.

Under each frame in the timeline we have 2 buttons. The 2 documents copy the frame. The trash can deletes the frame.

You can also drag and drop frames to change their order. This also works with the add frame button. The advantage of being able to move the add frame button is that you can add new blank frames wherever you like.

Note that you must always have at least one frame in the timeline.

The Toolbar

At the top of the screen is a toolbar that gives you common actions to perform on your animations.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Animation Settings

Pick a color …

Choose your tool …


Select a background for your animation. This will apply to all frames.

Set the animation speed. 1 = slow, 20 = fast.

Background Color

Note: If there is a background image then the background color will be ignored.

Use Your Own Image

Being able to add backgrounds from your own computer is the most frequently asked for feature and one I would really like to add.

Brush Ninja is currently a hobby, but I would love to be able to afford to spend more time working on it. The app is entirely self funded, and I put it online for people to use for free. To be able to work on it more I need it to generate some income. This will allow me to do less client work, and spend more time on Brush Ninja.

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