Brush Ninja Animated Gif Creator


Brush Ninja allows you to change shape colours. You can change the colours of the lines and the fills.

The process for colouring objects is slightly different to that used in apps like Photoshop, but hopefully it’s simple once you understand it.


By default lines are coloured pink. You can quickly change the colour to whatever you like by selecting a colour in the colour palette.

Lines can be coloured ‘transparent’ (see through). This is not very helpful for drawing, but can be useful if you want to draw a shape and not have any outlines. I like to draw the shape with a solid colour and then add a fill and make the lines transparent.


By default fills are transparent. To change the fill you should click on the paint bucket button above the colour palette and then select a new colour.

You can fill shapes, and lines drawn with the Pencil, Dots, and Dashes brushes. If you use a brush then the fill will automatically close the shape with a straight line between the start and end of the brush stroke.

Example: Drawing a blue rectangle

  1. Go to the fill colour settings (click the paint bucket)
  2. Select the blue colour
  3. Go to the shapes tool in the main menu, and select square
  4. Draw your square

The important thing here is to make sure you have the fill colour you want to use selected.

Example: Filling a shape

  1. Draw a shape
  2. Select the shape in Select mode
  3. Go to fill mode.
    1. If the fill colour is different to the shapes fill the colour will update
    2. If you want a different colour you can select it in the palette.

Custom Colours

You can select any colour you like in Brush Ninja.

To do this click on the paint spla near the colour palette. A new window will open with a colour selector. Select the colour you want to use, and press Pick Color. The color will then replace the current colour in the palette.

You can reset the palette to the default setting at any time by clicking the splat and pressing the Reset Palette button.

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