Brush Ninja Animated Gif Creator

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions I have received about Brush Ninja. If you have any questions then please check out the help documentation, and if that doesn’t answer your question you can contact me.

Can I add music to my animation?

Brush Ninja exports files as animated gifs. Whilst they move like movies they are actually images and, unfortunately, do not have support for audio. As such this isn’t something I can add.

Why can’t I add more than 50 frames?

Brush Ninja on the web is limited to 50 frames. There is a technical reason for this. To save the animation in your browser I have to use a thing called Local Storage. This has a size limit per website. I did some math and calculated that on average 50 frames was the longest the animation could be and still save the entire thing.

Since I made version 1 of Brush Ninja things have changed and so I’m hoping I will be able to increase the limit a little in the future.

Can I change how fast the animation plays?

Yes you can. If you go to the settings > animation tab then you can change the frames per second. The higher the frame rate the faster the animation plays. The lower the number the slower it plays. 1 frame a second, will show 1 picture every second.

You can also change the duration of individual frames by clicking on the plus or minus buttons above the frame in the timeline. Setting the number to x2 means that frame will be twice the length of a x1 frame.

How do I save and load animations?

Because Brush Ninja is a browser based app it can only save one animation at a time. The animation will be saved in your browser properties, and reloading the page will reload the animation. If you press the new button the current animation will be deleted and can not be loaded again.

How do I erase things/ add text/ add shapes?

Brush Ninja has a collection of tools that can be viewed by clicking on the pencil icon on the top of the list of tools. This will expand a menu that lets you choose the tools you want to use.

  1. Pencil - The default. Lets you draw lines.
  2. Shapes - Draw different shapes automatically.
  3. Lines - Draw straight lines.
  4. Eraser - Rub out the lines you drew earlier.
  5. Text - Write text on the drawing.
  6. Tools - Move, Rotate and Scale the drawing.