Brush Ninja Ninja not Ninga

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions I have received about Brush Ninja. If you have any questions then please check out the help documentation, and if that doesn’t answer your question you can contact me.

Can I add music to my animation?

Brush Ninja exports files as animated gifs. Whilst they move like movies they are actually images and, unfortunately, do not have support for audio. As such this isn’t something I can add.

Can I change how fast the animation plays?

Yes you can. If you go to the speed properties (the little speed dial next to the play button) then you can change the frames per second. The higher the frame rate the faster the animation plays. The lower the number the slower it plays. 1 frame a second, will show 1 picture every second.

You can also change the duration of individual frames by clicking on the plus or minus buttons above the frame in the timeline. Setting the number to x2 means that frame will be twice the length of a x1 frame.

How do I save and load animations?

In the top menu there are 3 menu options, New, Open, and Save.

Save an animation as a .brushninja file in order for it to be reopened. Save it as a Gif so that you can upload it to social networks.

How do I erase things?

You can erase lines by selecting Paint mode, and then the Eraser brush. You can then draw whatever you want to remove.

If you want to erase an entire shape/ line you can also switch to Select mode, select the item you want to erase, and delete it.

What happened to the old Brush Ninja?

I rewrote Brush Ninja and, unfortunately, the new version does not support the old animations. However, the old version of Brush Ninja (now called Brush Ninja Classic) is still available.

What size are the animations/ what size are the animation background images?

The default size of the animations is 512 x 512 pixels.

How do you spell Brush Ninja?

Well, the clue is in the question - but the reason I am writing this question is that I get a lot of people writing to me asking questions about Brush Ninga. I’m not sure why people spell Ninja with a g, but I wanted to clarify that it is indeed spelt with a j, and if you ever forget, you can check the domain name in the url bar, or the site title.

What’s with the Ice Cream sticker?

The ice cream sticker is meant to represent the type of ice cream you get from an ice cream van in the UK. We often call this a Mr Whippy, or a 99 (99 with flake please Mr), outside the UK I believe it’s referred to as Soft Serve.

Any similarity to anything else is purely coincidental.

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