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Sound Effects

Brush Ninja supports playing audio effects.

Note: These sound effects will not export with an animated gif. They can only be played back by playing the Brush.Ninja file.

To add sounds effects you should:

  1. Start by creating your cartoon. FX are added to frames so you need some that have been drawn for it to work.
  2. You should then decide which frames you want to play sound effects on.
  3. Select a frame that will play a sound and then look for the small Speaker icon under the frame image.
  4. Tick the sound(s) that you want to play and then press ‘Use’. You can preview the sound before playing it.
  5. Now when you play the animation the sound(s) will playback when the frame is displayed.

Some things to note:

  • Free users have a collection of sound effects they can use for free. Paid Members get a larger collection of sounds to use.
  • The sounds can take a little while to load so there may be a small delay in playing them the first time. Once they are loaded properly they will play smoothly.

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