Brush Ninja Animated Gif Creator

How to Upload Brush Ninja Animations to SeeSaw

Unfortunately SeeSaw does not support animated gifs. This would be an awesome feature that would help more people than just Brush Ninja users.

A Solution

What we can do instead is convert the gif into a video file, which can then be uploaded. I have made a simple tool for converting gif files to the appropriate format. You can convert your gif to an mp4 here.

Ask SeeSaw to Support Animated Gifs

SeeSaw has a feature to vote on new features and there are a few features that mention Animated Gifs. If you could create an account and vote on the addition of these features that would help raise visibility, and liklihood, of this feature being added.

The more votes these topics get the more likely Animated Gifs support will be added to SeeSaw. Let’s make it happen!

In the mean time perhaps you could add the animation to a Google Doc or Google Slide.

More Help?