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Using Your Own Images

The images tool in Brush Ninja allows you to add images to your animations. This means you can make images in any image editor (Photoshop, Canva etc) or use images from your camera, or whatever you can think of.

The images tool is the tool in the main toolbar that looks like a scenery picture.

  • The images will be resized so they are no larger than the canvas you are drawing on.
  • The images will be added to an animation library, and you can then insert them on any frame.
  • If you save a .brushninja file with an image in it then anyone can open the file and use the image(s).

The images tool works in a similar way to the stickers tool. To use the images tool you should:

  1. Switch to image mode in the toolbar.
  2. Press the β€˜+’ button beside the drawing canvas.
  3. Either select or upload the image of your choice.
  4. You can then click and β€˜draw’ the image onto the canvas.

Once the image has been drawn you can switch to select mode and select the image. This allows you to move, scale, and rotate the image.

Finally you can copy and paste the image to make lots of copies on one frame, or to copy the image to other frames.

Images Tutorial

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