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How to come up with Animation Ideas

Coming up with ideas for animations can be quite hard, and I get asked regularly how to do it.

I think the easiest thing to do is just think of an item I would like to draw (or know how to draw) and then put it in a funny situation.

For example if I want to make a cartoon then I like to think of a random thing (animal, food, household item) and a random activity (dancing, skipping, running) and then try to make the thing do the activity.

Or you could think about emotions and try to animate a thing having an emotion. For example an Angry Tomato.

Finally you could think about repeating patterns, drawing zigzags that move across the screen, or circles that grow and shrink in a hypnotic loop. Abstract animations can be really interesting.

School Assignments

I had an email recently that asked how someone could draw an animation about amplitude.

Iā€™m not at school anymore, but if I had to do something like this I would search for the word amplitude on Google Image search and see what comes up. Alternatively, I would try searching on The Noun Project for the word (amplitude). This is actually the site I use when designing icons for this site, but it helps to have a very simplified shape that represents something that I can then draw/ animate.

In the case of the amplification example, I would draw an abstract repeating pattern of a sin wave.

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