Brush Ninja Animated Gif Creator

Custom Backgrounds

Changing the background in Brush Ninja is a quick way to make your animation stand out. There are a variety of options for changing the background.

Search for an Image Online

This feature allows you to find an appropriate image on a large online database and then drop the image directly into your animation.

Enter your chosen phrase into the search box and you will be presented with a list of options. Click the image you like and you will be shown a preview which you can either use, or go back to the search to try again.

Use your own Image

This is a fun one. You can upload an image from your computer. This can be a photo you have taken, or drawn, or something you have found on the internet.

This image will be resized to the size of the animation. By default this is 512 x 512 (the actual size will be shown when you are uploading the image).

Use your webcam

If you have a webcam then you can use it to take a photo of you or your surroundings and use that for a animation.

Select a colour

By default the animation has a white background colour. This colour can be changed here.

Remove the background

This makes the background totally transparent. You will then see a grid of squares behind the animation. For most this isnโ€™t needed, but if you export an animated gif with no background then the background of the gif will also be transparent allowing the webpage it is placed on to show from underneath.

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