Brush Ninja Animated Gif Creator

Export File Types

Brush Ninja allows you to export files in a number of different ways. The most commonly used is as an Animated Gif.

The exported files will be downloaded by your web browser. The default download location is your browser downloads folder.

Animated Gif

Animated gifs are quite an old file format but they have become very popular because they are widely supported and so allow people to share their content in many places.

Animated gifs are automatically looped so that you can make amusing looping cartoons. Brush Ninja gifs will always be 5 seconds long (or longer). This is so that if you convert the animation to work on Instagram it will still upload (Instagram has a 5 second minimum length).

Brush Ninja allows you to export two types of animated gif. A ‘Normal’ gif, and a ‘Twitter’ gif.

Both types of gif are the same, but the Twitter animated gif has been tweaked slightly so that the last frame of the animation is shorter. I do this because Twitter adds a pause at the end of animated gifs before looping the animation. If you don’t mind the pause then you can use the normal gif.


Brush Ninja allows you to save a single image containing all of the frames like a comic book. This is great for printing, so that you can hand in your drawings, or colour them in.

Top tip If you want to save a single image you can right click on the animation frame and Save Image as… to save it to your computer.

Image Sequence

An image sequence is a zip file containing all of the frames of animation sequentially numbered.

These files can be imported into video editing software, or printed out, or turned into stickers. There’s loads of flexibility here, and the only limit is your imagination.

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