Brush Ninja Animated Gif Creator

How to Convert an Animated Gif to a video

Converting an animated gif to a video allows you to share your creations on more sites, such as Instagram and Youtube. Unfortunately Brush Ninja can’t convert the gif for you, but there are other ways.

What we need to do is convert the gif to a video, and to do that we can either:

  1. Giphy.
  2. Use a third party desktop app. Personally I use Screenflow.

Giphy is great, and free. But the workflow is a little cumbersome.

Using a third party app is easy, if you know how to use the software, but if you’re not into video editing then there can be a learning curve. Plus you have to pay for the software.

  1. To use Giphy you will need an account which is free to create.
  2. Then upload your animation
  3. You can then follow the instructions on the Giphy website for posting to Instagram.

More Help?