Brush Ninja Changelog

3.17 - July 2024

  • Add experimental gif loader to Animation Maker. This allows you to load gifs into the animation editor and edit them. You can use this by going to the “Open” menu and opening an animated gif. Works for all gifs but they may not fit the canvas size.
  • Update Paint Ninja colour picker popup to include the palette and remove the separate palette option.
  • Improve responsive layout for Animation Maker.
  • Fix an issue with onion skinning and possibly animation exports in the Animation Maker.
  • Fix issue with modal windows closing when clicking using the scrollbar.
  • Improve layout of lesson plans.
  • Fix: Update eraser code to the latest version. The eraser has a weird issue where it sometimes doesn’t erase. Hopefully this will fix it.

3.16 - June 2024

  • Add help info to colorpicker in Animation Maker.
  • Make sure flags appear on windows in Fun With Flags.
  • Add: Change the smallest pen size in Paint Ninja so that you can get nice thin lines.
  • Fix: Make reset button work in Collage Maker.
  • Fix: Ensure animation length is calculated correctly for video export
  • Fix: Ensure first frame plays when playing back an animation.
  • Fix: Improve sound handling to ensure all sounds are exported as video.
  • Fix: Set minimum duration for video export. Will loop so the video is at least 10 seconds long.
  • Fix: Make details readable in modal windows.
  • Fix: Update color picker component.
  • Fix: Improve responsive behaviour of animation maker.

3.15 - May 2024

  • Fix: Make sure the frame data updates when actions like cut and paste are performed in Animation Maker.
  • Fix: Improve Brush Ninja gif maker behaviour on touch screens.
  • Fix: Problem with Brush Ninja gif maker frames not updating when editing text.
  • Fix: Remove confirm dialog from open animation button which should improve INP score.
  • Fix: Make the colorpicker/ pipette work on touch devices.
  • Fix: Saving items in the animated gif maker now works consistently on ipad, and other devices.
  • Add: New Pendulum Painting Toy.
  • Added loads of new artwork to the Emoji Art Editor.
  • Add Undo and Redo to Emoji Art Maker.
  • Improve Emoji Art Exports so that the image is centered better.
  • Changed the emoji art gallery so you can edit any of the artworks to make your own version.

3.14 - April 2024

  • Add a new ‘Merge’ button to select mode in animation editor. This allows you to flatten multiple shapes down into one. This is faster for Brush Ninja to process and can help with performance on slower machines. It can also make animations easier to animate.
  • Add ability to disable browser saving in Animation Maker. This helps to speed up responsiveness on slower machines or with long animations.
  • Add new share box to apps. This makes it easier to share your love of Brush Ninja Apps with your friends 😍.
  • Reduce frame image updates for longer animations to improve performance.
  • Improve frame buttons to reduce liklihood of audio modal opening when you duplicate/ delete frames.
  • Fix: Ensure changes are saved when using group, merge, and other frame tools in animation editor.
  • Improve Drawing app so that the dropdown tools are move obvious.
  • Add custom color picker, with opacity/ alpha value, to Drawing app. Note that the alpha feature only applies to the pen and fill tools.

3.13 - March 2024

  • Add ‘save’ option to Code Ninja.
  • Add ability to load saved code in Code Ninja.
  • Fix issue with code ninja and trying to use the fill command out of bounds (off canvas) which would create a never ending loop.
  • Add delay and clear commands to Code Ninja.
  • Fix issue with paint ninja not filling properly when the canvas is zoomed.
  • Fix font loading issue with animated gif creator.
  • Fix undefined audio issue with animated gif creator.

3.12 - February 2024

  • Add ‘image open’ feature to Drawing app.
  • Make drawing app work on mobile.
  • Improve zoom on drawing app.
  • Fix file saving in drawing app on ipad.
  • Add panning to drawing app so you can move around the canvas.
  • Update gallery pages so that videos stop playing when they scroll out of view, and you can only play one video at a time.
  • Allow beta notifications to be dismissed.
  • Improve display of Animated Gif Creator on small devices.
  • Adjust layout of Code Ninja.

3.11 - January 2024

  • Build new color picker that is more accessible and easier to use.
  • Add opacity to color picker for more colourful animations.
  • Move onion skin to make it more obvious.
  • Add new Drawing app.
  • Add new levels to Splatter Balls.

3.10 - October 2023

  • Add new Country Flags game.
  • Improve app responsiveness and reduce code (fewer bugs & things to go wrong).
  • Attempt to make the animated gif maker more accessible (better colour contrast on buttons).
  • Improve header layout and new homepage design.
  • Improve Emoji Art Editor functionality.
  • Fix search field in audio and stickers to prevent page reloads on form submission.

3.9 - August 2023

  • Add variables to Code Ninja.
  • Add arc command to Code Ninja.
  • Improve Code Ninja docs.
  • Fix Typing Ninja word length selection.
  • Fix mobile layout for Brush Ninja.

3.8 - July 2023

  • Fix nav links.
  • Fix modal button styling.
  • Make login and signup process more resilient.
  • A variety of improvements to page speed and performance.

3.7 - June 2023

3.6 - May 2023

3.5 - April 2023

  • Add more fonts to the Gif Creator text tool. There are now extra premium fonts for members.
  • Add different image sizes to the Emoji Art creator.
  • Improve Emoji Art Layout.
  • Improve Brush Ninja colour palette. Double click any colour to edit it.
  • Add new button to Photo Collage app.

3.4 - March 2023

  • Add a ‘new’ button to Code Ninja.
  • Add new code samples to Code Ninja.
  • Add a new background setting Gif Maker that resets the animation background to the default (a commonly requested feature).
  • Add more fonts to the text tool. There are now extra premium fonts for members.
  • Add lots of new stickers to the Animated Gif Creator.
  • Add Ctrl E shortcut to export animations.
  • Add Ctrl Up and Ctrl Down shortcut for moving objects up and down the layer order.
  • Add Ctrl Shift Up and Ctrl Shift Down shortcut for moving objects to the top and bottom of the layer order.
  • Add new feature to Comic maker to allow multiple pages to be uploaded at once.
  • Add videos section to display all of the Youtube videos and tutorials.
  • Add Gif Maker Image Loader can now load, draw and recolour svgs (Members only). Allows for higher quality images.
  • Fix animated gif audio files not loading.
  • Fix Code Ninja ‘Fill’ command.
  • Fix Sticker library from resetting each time you press the more button.
  • Change Code Ninja so that the code automatically runs when it is loaded.
  • Change rotation snapping to allow for smaller angles.
  • Change Ctrl S shortcut to save rather than export.
  • Change site navigation to make it easier to get around.
  • Improve display of drag and drop elements on file upload.
  • Improve the bring forward and send back functions so the display gets updated after the key is pressed.
  • Improve default images loading so it’s always the latest version being loaded.

3.3 - February 2023

  • Add first version of new app - Code Ninja (name subject to change).
  • Update to the latest version of Fabric.js
  • Improve animated gif creator layout on small devices.
  • Update Animated Gif image uploader to support uploading multiple images at once.
  • Change palette selector to close colour picker when a new palette is selected so that you can start drawing straight away.
  • Fix issue with animated gif creator select mode not working properly after using the color picker.

3.2 - December 2022

  • Add Sound Effects to the animation.
  • Change frame tools layout so we can fit extra buttons in.
  • Add Typing Ninja game.
  • Add Mastodon social link.

3.1.1 - 30th November 2022

  • Improve file loading for files with corrupt data

3.1 - November 2022

  • Add predefined color palettes - with extra ones for subscribers.
  • Update stickers interface to use search rather than a dropdown, allowing for many more stickers to be added and an easier method for finding what you want.
  • Additional Photo Collage layouts for members.
  • Move gallery images and videos to Brush Ninja servers rather than hosting them on Twitter.
  • Tweak the text tool interface to be a bit clearer and more consistent with other tools.
  • Fix black friday banner not being able to be hidden.

3.0 - October 2022

  • Add Premium Memberships.
  • Add user profile page.
  • Add Image Upload and manipulation to animated gif creator.
  • Add educational clipart.
  • Add a lot more stickers.
  • Fix animated gif convertor.
  • Tweak undos to make the app faster.
  • Tweak the filename input to make it nicer to use.
  • Improve responsive layout so it’s nicer to work on tablets.
  • Remove jQuery requirement for all but classic Brush Ninja.
  • Move Reef.js and Ready.js to global scripts for membership component.
  • Ensure Eraser button text is always readable.
  • Speed up page load by adding lazy loading to various images.
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