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I first released Brush Ninja in 2018, and have published dozens of updates and improvements since; many of which were suggested, or based upon, community feedback; and I hope to do this for a long time to come.

Over the last year I have worked on Brush Ninja as time allows, but I would love to be able to spend more time improving the application.

Some of the items I would like to work on include:

My guiding rules when building Brush Ninja are:

With your help I would like to continue creating the best online animation tool I can. Any amount you can offer will get me closer to giving this project the time it needs to really shine.

Eventually I would like to make Brush Ninja totally free, and have the online, and desktop versions of the app function in exactly the same way.


Patreon is an easy way to give regular donations of any amount you like. Anything from $1 and up. The more you give the more perks you get.

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Mac App

I made a Mac version of Brush Ninja. It has all the web features, plus a few more. The biggest change is being able to make as many animations as you like and then save and load them whenever you like.

Brush Ninja for Mac

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I love a TShirt - and so I designed some for Brush Ninja. I don’t make much money from these, hardly any in fact, but I’d love it if someone enjoyed Brush Ninja enough to want to wear it.

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Thanks to everyone who supports Brush Ninja! You make Brush Ninja possible.

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Hi, I'm Ben. I built and run Brush Ninja. How can I help?

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