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Creating a Storyboard for your Animation using Brush Ninja Lesson Plan

Learning Objective

Students will be able to create a storyboard using Brush Ninja in order to plan out their animation.


  • Computers or tablets with internet access
  • Brush Ninja website (https://www.brush.ninja/)
  • Pencils and paper


  1. Introduce the concept of storyboarding. Explain that a storyboard is like a blueprint for an animation, where students can plan out the different scenes and actions before they start animating.
  2. Demonstrate how to use the Brush Ninja website by creating a simple animation together as a class.
  3. Instruct students to brainstorm ideas for their own animations, encouraging them to think about characters, settings, and plot points.
  4. Distribute pencils and paper to each student, and have them create a rough draft of their storyboard on paper before moving onto the digital version on Brush Ninja.
  5. Once students have finished sketching out their rough drafts, have them log back onto Brush Ninja and begin creating their digital storyboards.
  6. Encourage students to use different colors, brush sizes, and backgrounds in order to make their storyboard visually appealing.
  7. After completing their digital storyboards, have students share them with the class for feedback.


Assess student understanding by reviewing their completed storyboards for clarity and detail. Students should be able to demonstrate an understanding of how a storyboard works as well as showcase creativity in their designs.


For more advanced learners or those who finish early, encourage them to add sound effects. Additionally, challenge students by having them animate short scenes from classic literature or historical events instead of creating original stories from scratch.

How to animate with Brush Ninja

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