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Welcome to Brush Ninja!

25 February 2018

Brush Ninja is an online, browser based, animation tool. It’s an easy way to create simple animations, for free, without the need to learn complex software (or spend a fortune).

In a former life I worked at - and so I saw the development of the Sketch Star project. Sketch Star had a fantastic team behind it but it was very complex and cost a lot to run, so unfortunately had to be closed in April 2013. Whilst I worked with, and knew, the Sketch Star team I was never directly involved. I always felt the project was a bit too complex, and so I wanted to see if I could do something similar that would avoid the issues (I felt) Sketch Star had. Brush Ninja is my solution.

The major difference between Sketch Star and Brush Ninja is that Brush Ninja does not have a community platform tied to it. It doesn’t have a way for people to communicate, or to share animations. It is simply an online animation tool.

I have also purposefully kept Brush Ninja very simple. Limitations can enhance creativity - and I hope that by keeping things simple creators will be able to focus on making amazing animations instead of worrying about what tool to use.

I have quite a big wishlist for new Brush Ninja features but I’m also always looking for new ideas. I love to hear from users and fans of the product so please feel free to contact me.

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