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19 October 2022

This week sees the release of Brush Ninja memberships - it’s been a long time coming and I hope I have done it in a way that works well for everyone.

The version of Brush Ninja that has been free for the last 4 years is still free and always will be. In fact memberships work in exactly the same way, the difference between the free account and the paid membership account is that additional features get unlocked.

Firstly we have custom images. This is a new tool that anyone can use, however only members can use their own images. Free users can use a handful of images I have added.

Secondly we have a collection of premium stickers (and a host of new stickers). Previously there were 56 free stickers. There’s now 80+ free stickers and the same amount of premium ones. Whilst making these new shapes I improved the technical process of adding them and so I can now add them a lot more quickly. As such, I plan to keep adding more of both in the future.

I’ve also made these shapes available to download for free as SVG clipart. These clip art stickers can be used for flyers, or presentations, or whatever you can think of.

Finally I have added a page of downloadable animations that you can download and customize. There are currently 10 animations but this too will grow over time and I am open to suggestions for what to add.

I have plans for some additional premium membership features and these will be added over time. These features will always have a free element so that everyone can try them out, but paying customers will get a little bit more flexibility.

Brush Ninja has always been built with the philosophy of storing the minimum user information possible. This is why animations are stored on your computer rather than my website servers. You have total privacy and I wanted to maintain that. To make memberships work I am using a third party service called Userbase (you can see their privacy policy here).

Userbase take care of payments and login information and that’s it. I don’t share any personal information with them, and the information they do store is what you give them when you sign up.

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