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Typing Ninja

16 December 2022

My background is in videogames. I worked for a games company for 11 years, and I’ve worked on dozens of games over the last 20 years.

I’ve thought about adding simple games to Brush Ninja for a while, and this is the first. It’s Typing Ninja, a simple game to help improve your typing speed and accuracy.

This is a first version, I’d like to add larger words, but it’s taking a while. For the word lists I found some lists online, but I am now going through the lists manually and checking them all. The shorter words have shorter lists. For example, there’s 493 3 letter words, and 1918 4 letter words. I still need to go through the 5 letter word list which has 3565 words, and the 6 letter word list that has 5129 words.

Anyway - I will add those eventually, and maybe a few other smaller features. Plus I’d like to add more little games, in particular around Maths and Geography.

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