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Colour Palettes

11 November 2022

Ever since version 2, back in January 2021, Brush Ninja has had selectable colours, but picking good colour combinations is hard.

A feature I really like in apps like ProCreate is custom colour palettes, so I thought I would add them to Brush Ninja. The colours in the palettes are designed to work well together, and give a nice starting point for your own works.

This feature has been added for everyone to use for free. Brush Ninja subscribers get a larger selection of palettes to choose from.

The colour picker, showing the new colour palette selector

To use the colour picker you should click on the “splat” and then scroll down and expand the “Change Color Palette” section. Here you can either pick colours, or swap out the entire palette. The “default” palette is what has always been used on Brush Ninja, but you can use any of the other combinations.

To make the palettes I started off making a few simple ones myself, and then I used a load from the LoSpec palette list. These palettes are carefully created by artists to use when making pixel art. I have given credit for all the palettes I have used to the original creators.

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