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World War II Lesson Plan

Learning Objective

Students will understand the key events and significance of World War II by creating animated gifs using Brush Ninja.


  • Computers or tablets with internet access for each student or group
  • Brush Ninja website
  • Research materials on World War II (books, websites, videos)
  • Paper and pencils for note-taking during research



  • Begin by discussing with students what they already know about World War II. Write their responses on the board.
  • Introduce the learning objective: to create animated gifs using Brush Ninja to depict key events and aspects of World War II.
  • Explain that before creating the gifs, students will need to conduct research on various topics related to World War II.


  • Divide students into small groups and provide them with research materials.
  • Assign each group a specific topic related to World War II such as major battles, leaders, weapons, or home front experiences.
  • Instruct students to take notes on important facts and information about their assigned topic.

Brush Ninja Tutorial

  • Gather all students back together and guide them through a tutorial on how to use Brush Ninja.
  • Show them how to create frames, draw objects or characters, add movement, adjust timing, and export their animations as gifs.

Gif Creation

  • Allow students time to apply their knowledge from the research phase into creating animated gifs using Brush Ninja.
  • Encourage creativity in representing key events or aspects of World War II in their animations.

Sharing & Discussion

  • Provide an opportunity for each student or group to share their animated gif with the class.
  • After each presentation, facilitate a brief discussion about the depicted event or aspect of World War II, allowing students to ask questions and provide feedback.


  • Observe students’ engagement during the research phase, noting their ability to find relevant information on their assigned topics.
  • Assess the quality and accuracy of students’ animated gifs in representing key events or aspects of World War II.
  • Evaluate students’ participation in sharing and discussion by considering their ability to articulate the significance of their chosen event or aspect.


For advanced learners, encourage them to create a longer animated gif that depicts multiple events or aspects of World War II.

Have students write short narratives explaining the story behind their animated gifs, considering historical context and relevance.

How to animate with Brush Ninja

This video teaches the basics of using Brush Ninja

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Note: The lessons are written with the assumption that teachers will be using them as a starting point, and will be adapting them to suit the needs of their students and curriculum.

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