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Introduction to Geometry Lesson Plan

Learning Objective

Students will be able to identify and name basic shapes and their properties.


  • Brush Ninja animated gif maker (accessed through a computer or tablet)
  • Whiteboard or chart paper with markers
  • Printed copies of basic shapes (circle, square, rectangle, triangle)


  1. Begin the lesson by introducing the concept of geometry and explaining that it is the study of shapes and their properties.
  2. Show students examples of different shapes in real-life objects, such as a clock (circle), a window (rectangle), a book (square), etc.
  3. Use the whiteboard or chart paper to draw and label different basic shapes while discussing their properties (e.g. number of sides, angles, etc.).
  4. Distribute printed copies of basic shapes to each student and ask them to identify each shape by name.
  5. Using Brush Ninja, demonstrate how to create an animated gif by drawing one of the basic shapes on the screen using different colors.
  6. Have students work individually or in pairs to create their own animated gifs featuring one or more basic shapes using Brush Ninja.
  7. After creating their gifs, students can share them with the class for discussion and feedback.


Assess student understanding through observation during class discussion and while they are working on creating their animated gifs.


For advanced students who have demonstrated mastery of identifying basic shapes, challenge them to create an animated gif featuring more complex shapes such as trapezoids or hexagons. Or have them experiment with combining multiple simple geometric figures into more complex designs, such as houses or animals.

How to animate with Brush Ninja

This video teaches the basics of using Brush Ninja

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Note: The lessons are written with the assumption that teachers will be using them as a starting point, and will be adapting them to suit the needs of their students and curriculum.

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