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Air Quality and Human Health Lesson Plan

Learning Objective

Students should understand the importance of air quality for human health. Identify common air pollutants and their effects on the body. Create an animated gif using Brush Ninja to illustrate the impact of clean and polluted air on human health.


  • Whiteboard/markers or chart paper/post-it notes
  • Internet access for Brush Ninja website
  • Laptops, tablets, or computers for each student (optional)
  • Art supplies like colored pencils, markers, or crayons (optional)



  • Begin by discussing the concept of air quality with students. Ask questions such as:
  • What do you think air quality means?
  • Why is it important for us to have clean air?
  • Engage students in a discussion about how polluted air can affect our health.

Identifying Air Pollutants

  • Introduce common air pollutants such as smoke, dust, pollen, and exhaust fumes.
  • Write each pollutant on the whiteboard/chart paper or distribute post-it notes with pollutant names to students.
  • Discuss the sources of these pollutants and their potential effects on human health.

Effects on Human Health

  • Divide students into small groups and assign each group one specific air pollutant to focus on.
  • Instruct students to research and create a short presentation about their assigned pollutant’s impact on human health.
  • Encourage creativity in presenting information through drawings or diagrams.

Creating Animated Gif with Brush Ninja

  • Introduce Brush Ninja as a tool that allows creating simple animated gifs online.
  • Provide a brief tutorial/demonstration about how to use Brush Ninja effectively.
  • Instruct students to use Brush Ninja to create an animated gif that represents the effects of clean air and polluted air on human health.
  • Encourage students to think creatively and include images or text in their gifs.


  • Have students present their animated gifs to the class, explaining their design choices and the message they convey.
  • Assess students’ understanding of air pollutants, their effects on human health, and the ability to effectively communicate this information through their gifs.


  • Students can be encouraged to share their animated gifs with friends or family members to raise awareness about air quality issues.
  • Students can be assigned a writing task where they reflect on what actions they can take individually or as a community to improve air quality and protect human health.

How to animate with Brush Ninja

This video teaches the basics of using Brush Ninja

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