Brush Ninja Changelog v2

2.6 - July 2022

  • Update emoji art maker to allow image sharing through the url.
  • Update the file format to make it a bit more flexible and faster to save and load.

2.5.3 - June 2022

  • Fix problem with saving images not working.
  • Stop the painting cursor from getting in the way when drawing.
  • Hide painting cursor on small brush sizes since it’s barely visible anyway 😉. Should be a bit quicker.

2.5.2 - May 2022

  • Add pipette for picking colours from the drawing. This includes backgrounds, so you can pick any image and get whatever colours you like.
  • Add colour hex value to colour palette choices.
  • Fix color picker display height.

2.5.1 - March 2022

  • Add emoji art to the gallery.
  • Add more stickers.
  • Fix comic book image generation that was drawing the pages at the wrong size.
  • Fix ensure a frame is selected when you undo a change.
  • Fix zoom when resizing window.
  • Fix text escaping in text input so that characters display properly.
  • Small improvement to undos to ensure a frame is always selected when you undo a deleted frame. Could do with further work but better than it was.
  • Update the website gallery to make it easier to add new content.

2.5.0 - February 2022

2.4.0 - October 2021

  • Add ‘notes’ panel to save notes per frame.
  • Add a ‘comic’ export type. This is similar to the image export but adds a smaller gap between the images, and a border around each image so they don’t blend into one.
  • Add new paper textures that can be used for background images.
  • Add a dark mode color scheme and improve colours in the app.
  • Change credits on image export so they only add once, and not on every frame.
  • Change the Eraser Brush so the line doesn’t get smoothed allowing for more accurate previews.
  • Change background settings window layout to allow for more things with less complexity.
  • Tweak button highlight & hover colours for clarity.
  • Simplify CSS styles.

2.3.0 - June 2021

  • Add an Eraser!!!
  • Add New File Dialog (with different size animations).
  • Optimize browser saving, which should reduce processing and generally speed up the application.
  • Fix webcam images not working properly.
  • Fix sticker outlines so that they are a consistent size.
  • Fix possible XSS problem.
  • Fix issue caused by changing export file names.


  • Fix frame length tooltips.


  • Add emojis to the text input when adding new text.
  • Add a short message explaining where files go when you download (save/ export) them.
  • Add a change button to the colour splat to make it clearer you can change the current colour.
  • Change drawing behaviour. If a fill colour is set then a shape will be filled once the drawing operation is completed.
  • Change tool colour (eg brush size) so it always uses the stroke colour, and not the fill colour, because the brush will never paint with the fill colour.
  • Tweak onion skinning to make it easier to see what is happening.
  • Fix bug to ensure background images get rendered for loaded & recovered animations.
  • Fix bug where the dotted lines might show up on scratch and marker brushes.
  • Fix selected colour not always being correct when reseting colour palette.
  • Fix issue with frame duration being ‘undefined’ which breaks exporting and playback.
  • Make the close and back button in the window overlays stick to the top of the page so they are always visible when you scroll.
  • Improve the tooltips on the tool selector.
  • Rejig html code to allow for simpler reuse in the future.


  • Add copy and paste buttons to the toolbar so that they can work on tablets.
  • Add ‘Flip H’ and ‘Flip V’ buttons for flipping objects horizontally and vertically.
  • Add Webcam background image.
  • Add new ‘Smooth’ paintbrush. This is the same as the regular brush but it smooths out the lines a lot more. Great for big shapes, but it will remove (smooth out) small details.
  • Separate Save and Export Options.
  • Simplify top menu by removing confusing icons.
  • Fix backgrounds not reloading.
  • Optimise the local browser saving so that it doesn’t get triggered by unrelated data render changes such as opening a menu.


  • Change all shapes to use SVG shapes, which reduces code, and standardizes usage.
  • Make some JS load ‘just in time’ which reduces download.


  • Version 2 is a total rewrite from what came before. Everything is new! 😃
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