Brush Ninja Changelog v1


  • Added: Allow using your own images as backgrounds
  • Added: Background color picker, no need to know how hex color codes work now!
  • Added: A fullscreen app button (web only). Maximises the possible app space so that you can see as much as possible.
  • Improve: Add a back button to overlay menus allowing simpler navigation, and opening up the possibility for lots of new features!
  • Improve: Add some text to the frame rate setting to make it clearer how it works.


  • Added: Hide the arrow cursor on desktop when using the pen and text tools and replace with a preview of the brush. This gives you a better idea of what will happen when you are drawing.
  • Added: Image export. Export all the frames in a grid to create your own comics.
  • Added: Change frame duration.
  • Added: New move tool. Moves the entire current frame wrapping it when it reaches the edge of the canvas.
  • Added: New rotate tool. Rotates the current frame around its center.
  • Added: New scale tool. Scales the current frame from the middle.
  • Fix: Colour palette quick selector had an issue with selecting the darkest shade of each colour.
  • Fix: Tool selector was hidden behind the drawing canvas in Firefox.
  • Improve: Animated gif exports are more resilient.
  • Improve: Hide frame number when frame is hovered or selected.
  • Improve: Speed up exports.
  • Improve: Reduce likelihood of errors when using the faux command prompt.
  • Improve: Reduce the likelihood of auto saves from disrupting your drawings.


  • Added: new text tool. Add text in a variety of fonts and sizes. Great for presentations.
  • Added: new toolbar to mobile view to reduce the scrolling and improve user experience on small devices (phones).
  • Added: new tool quick selector (keyboard shortcut = l).
  • Added: frame information to animation controls.
  • Fix: Make exporting transparent gifs work correctly.
  • Fix: Stop ‘opening a modal/ overlay window’ from resetting undos.
  • Fix: Reset the opacity tool to default value when creating a new animation.
  • Fix: Make sure the animation won’t play if there are no frames to play.
  • Fix: Stop the timeline copy and delete buttons from being pressed by accident on touch screen devices.
  • Improve: layout of the palette quick selector.
  • Improve: Tweak settings layout on mobile to make it clearer that it’s an accordion.
  • Improve: Small tweaks to make it clearer that the current tool is clickable.
  • Improve: Distribute menu icons better on small devices to reduce mis-taps.
  • Improve: Adjust app layout to reduce required space on smaller screens. Makes the app available to a wider range of phones.
  • Improve: Hide ‘Export’ button when animation is playing.
  • Improve: Hide colour palette when using the eraser.


  • Added: Apple are adding dark mode so I have as well. Just for fun I also added red, blue, green, yellow and pink modes (and even more on the desktop app).
  • Added: App only - New splash page that allows you to create your animation in different sizes.
  • Added: App only - New palette button on touchbar for quick access to the Quick Select Palette (keyboard shortcut = p).
  • Added: App only - More ink colours.
  • Fix: Allow animation background colour to be transparent.
  • Fix: Stop app users from having the brushninja hashtag added as the watermark by default.
  • Fix: Improve overlay layout so that you can scroll more easily.
  • Fix: Redesign the frame duplicate, and frame delete buttons so that they stay on the screen on smaller screen sizes.
  • Fix: Ensure the canvas is resized appropriately when a new animation is created.
  • Fix: Ensure new files reset the document path so that they don’t overwrite previously saved files.
  • Fix: Stop keyboard shortcuts from running when a modal window is open so that shortcuts aren’t triggered when typing.
  • Improve: add some small interaction signals to buttons to make it clearer that things are being interacted with.


  • Initial Release
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