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Shape Palette

13 May 2020

In Brush Ninja Classic (the current version), you can draw rectangles, circles, triangles and stars. Brush Ninja v2 allows so much more.

This feature actually came about by accident. I had added the basic shape drawing functionality to Brush Ninja v2, and then wanted to add a heart shape. Which I did. But when I was adding it, I realised the code was quite generic, and could easily apply to any shape. So I tweaked the code a bit, added a shape selector, and now you can add one of a dozen or so shapes.

It’s made in such a way that I can add more as time passes, so expect to see this grow. The goal of the feature is to help people who are not expert artists, to have fun creating moving images.

If you want to draw pictures with shapes alone then you should subscribe to my Patreon for $1 (or more) a month. With this you get access to the in development version of Brush Ninja v2. The in dev version is further along than these videos show, and I try to publish new updates each week!

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