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31 January 2021

I’ve wanted a way to reach the creatives who use Brush Ninja for a while, so I’ve decided to setup a newsletter.

Previously I’ve had Patreon (which is great for beta stuff), Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram - but I’m only one man and I find it hard to update all of them. A newsletter on the other hand lets me send you content easily.

It’s similar to this blog really, but it allows the content to come to you through your email inbox, rather than you having to check the website.

I plan to publish a single newsletter on the first of every month.

To be honest I’ve tried running newsletters for other businesses in the past and they always start off well, but they can be quite draining. So I’ve decided to keep it as simple as possible. I’ll write what I’m doing, what I’ve done, and link to some of the cool things that have been done with Brush Ninja recently.

I may also add animation tips and competitions and other things as I think of them, but I want to keep it all as simple as possible.

If you’re interested then you can sign up now for free. I will keep your information private and you’ll only get one email a month.

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