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#24: Video Export!

Welcome to this months Brush Ninja newsletter!

This month there have been two main new features. The animations glossary, and video export!

New Animation Terms Glossary

I am excited to announce the release of the new animation terms glossary! This comprehensive guide includes over 140 terms, from basic concepts like “frame” and “keyframe” to more advanced topics like “tweening” and “rendering.” Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned animator, this glossary is a valuable resource for learning the language of animation.

Video Export with Sound Effects for Members

This month I’ve added a new, very cool, feature for Brush Ninja premium Members that allows you to export your animations as videos with sound effects. This is a great way to add polish and personality to your animations. Simply select the sound effects you want to use, click the “Export” button, and select “Export as Video”. Your animation will be saved as a video file with the sound effects included.

Video Export is a feature I have wanted to add for years, but I’ve only recently worked out how to create it. I’m really excited to see how this is used.

Animations are exported in WebM format which has limited playback support. It can be viewed in web browsers, but other software is a bit limited - so I have also created a webm to mp4 convertor.

Coming Up

Since we can now export video (with audio) I am going to spend some time this month adding a lot of new sound effects. Hopefully this will help to make your animations more unique and interesting.

To add to this I also want to add some more stickers this month. This should also help to make the animation process easier and more fun.

I haven’t had a chance to update the gallery on the website this month, but I’ll make sure to add everything I missed next month. In the mean time you can check out these awesome animations from social media.





I hope you enjoy these new features! As always, I’m open to feedback; If you have any suggestions, please just reply to this email.

Thanks for using Brush Ninja!


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