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#13: Free Toys


In the UK it’s a bank holiday this weekend - I’m not entirely sure why. There’s probably a reason but all it really means for me is I get to spend an extra day with my son. So we did some shopping, and some gardening, and watched a film. He even did a science experiment with his mum (mixing vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to make foamy eruptions).

As mentioned last month I’ve started writing some Brush Ninja tips. I’m not ready to share them yet but I’m going to be turning them into an ebook that I will sell. Obviously I want to make a bit of money out of it, but I will also be sharing many of the tips in this newsletter, and all of the entire thing on Patreon.

So far I’ve written maybe a dozen pages, but I need to do some illustrations to go with it else it won’t be entirely clear what I’m talking about. All going well I will share the first tip in next months newsletter.

Paper Toy

Also this month I have made a paper toy. Over the last couple of months I’ve become a bit obsessed with building paper toys. It’s really soothing to sit in the evening and cut out and glue these little toys. So I decided to make my own Brush Ninja one.


I’ve not done anything like this before, so it’s not super elaborate, but I enjoyed making it and maybe creating this will lead to other toys in the future? Do let me know if you like it and please share any builds with me on Twitter.

If you want to build the toy yourself then head over to the download page and you can grab it for free. All you need to do is print the image out, cut it out, and glue it all together.


Hope you have a great month - Ben

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