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#14: New Feature Incoming!

Hi there - hope this finds you well.

This month has found me considering Brush Ninja quite a bit and trying to decide what I want to do with it in the future. I also added a new feature.

Since it’s the Queens Platinum Jubilee over here in England I also spent a couple of days making a little papercraft crown.

The future

I’ve mentioned before that I would like to make Brush Ninja (and things like it) my full time job but to do that I need to work out a way to earn money from it. I now have some ideas but I want to find out what you want too. So I’ve made a short survey, I’d really appreciate it if you would fill it out, it should only take a couple of minutes and will help me prioritise things moving forward.

Complete the survey →.

I’ll make the results public in a future newsletter.

The feature

I also added a new feature. It’s been available to test on Patreon for a couple of weeks now, so it’s time to publish it to the world. This feature is… a colour picker!

I’ve tried adding a colour picker before but had to remove it because it didn’t work the way I wanted. This time however, it seems to work pretty well.

It’s available now for everyone to use. Hopefully it works, but let me know if you find any problems with it.


Test the new colour picker →.

As always I love seeing Brush Ninja being used in education and for creating animations - please keep sharing them with me on Twitter. This months updates to the gallery are great.


Thanks again for continuing to use Brush Ninja and for giving me the great feedback and encouragment which encourages me to keep working on it. If you’d like to support me then becoming a Patron would be most appreciated.

Till next month - Ben

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