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Exploring Different Art Styles through Brush Ninja Animations Lesson Plan

Learning Objective

Students will explore different art styles through Brush Ninja animations and create their own animations using the software.


  • Computers or tablets with internet access
  • Brush Ninja website
  • Art supplies (optional)


  1. Introduce the concept of animation to students, explaining that it is a series of images that appear to move when played in sequence. Show some examples of different types of animation (e.g. hand-drawn, stop-motion, digital) and ask students which ones they are familiar with.
  2. Explain that today we will be using a digital animation tool called Brush Ninja to explore different art styles.
  3. Demonstrate how to use Brush Ninja by creating a simple animation together as a class. Use basic shapes and colors to show how movements can be created by changing the position of objects over time.
  4. Discuss different art styles such as Impressionism, Cubism, Surrealism, and Pop Art. Show examples of famous artworks from each style and explain what makes them unique.
  5. Ask students to choose one art style they would like to explore further through an animation project using Brush Ninja.
  6. Provide time for students to work on their projects individually or in pairs/small groups under your supervision.
  7. Encourage creativity and experimentation with different techniques such as layering, blending, and using different brush sizes.
  8. Once completed, have each student or group share their animations with the class.


Assess student understanding through observation during the lesson and by reviewing completed projects based on the following criteria:

  • Understanding of chosen art style demonstrated in animation
  • Creativity/originality
  • Technical proficiency with Brush Ninja


For students who finish early or wish to pursue more advanced projects:

  • Create an animated story incorporating characters and plot elements inspired by chosen art style
  • Experiment with different backgrounds/sound effects to enhance the animation
  • Research and incorporate historical context about chosen art style into an animation project.

How to animate with Brush Ninja

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