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Examining Cultural Art Lesson Plan

Learning Objective

Students will explore and appreciate different forms of cultural art from around the world. Students will create their own animated gifs using Brush Ninja to represent a cultural art form they have learned about.


  • Computers or tablets with internet access
  • Projector or interactive whiteboard (optional)
  • Paper and coloring materials for sketching ideas (optional)



  • Begin by discussing with students what culture means and how it is expressed through various art forms.
  • Show examples of different cultural art forms, such as traditional dance, music, painting, and sculpture.
  • Ask students if they have ever seen or experienced any cultural art forms in their own community.


  • Introduce the concept of animated gifs to the students. Explain that an animated gif is a series of images that play in a loop to create a short animation.
  • Demonstrate how to use Brush Ninja by showing the basic features and tools available.
  • Share examples of animated gifs that depict cultural art forms from different countries or regions.

Research and Selection

  • Divide students into small groups or pairs.
  • Assign each group/pair a specific cultural art form to research, such as Indian Rangoli, Chinese calligraphy, African mask-making, etc.
  • Provide resources (books, websites, videos) for students to gather information about their assigned art form.
  • Encourage students to discuss key characteristics and symbols associated with their chosen culture’s art form.


  • Instruct students to use Brush Ninja on their computers or tablets to create an animated gif representing the cultural art form they researched.
  • Emphasize the importance of including elements specific to the chosen culture’s art form in their animation.
  • Encourage students to use colors, shapes, and patterns that are commonly associated with the culture they are representing.
  • Allow students to work at their own pace, providing support and guidance as needed.

Sharing and Reflection

  • Provide time for each group/pair to present their animated gifs to the class.
  • As a class, discuss similarities and differences between the various cultural art forms presented.
  • Facilitate a reflection session where students share what they have learned about different cultures through this activity.


  • Observe student engagement during research and creation phases.
  • Assess completed animated gifs based on how well they represent the chosen cultural art form, including key elements and symbols.
  • Evaluate student participation in class discussion and reflection.


  • Have students write a short paragraph explaining the cultural significance of the art form they researched.
  • Encourage students to explore other digital tools or software for creating animations or digital artwork.
  • Plan a multicultural fair where students can showcase their animated gifs alongside traditional artifacts from different cultures.

How to animate with Brush Ninja

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