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#22: Loads of Changes!

Hi there

This last month has been one of my most productive months for Brush Ninja ever. Not only have I put loads of new content on the Youtube channel, but I have got made more that is not yet available, and I have made a page where you can view all the videos on the Brush Ninja site itself.

And it’s not just Brush Ninja, there’s been loads of actual updates as well. Below are the highlights, you can see the full list on the changelog.

  • Code Ninja improvements (a new button and more samples)
  • Add a new background setting for Gif Maker that resets the animation background to the default (a common request).
  • Add lots of new stickers to the Animated Gif Creator.
  • Add new feature to Comic maker to allow multiple pages to be uploaded at once.
  • Gif Maker Image Loader can now load, draw, and recolour svgs (Members only).

And coming soon (possibly before you read this email) the Gif Creator text tool is going to get more fonts. There will be 3 new fonts for free users and a bunch of extra ones for Members.



As I mentioned I have added some more videos to Youtube. In particular I enjoy making the Timelapse videos and plan to make a whole series of these.


The benefit of me using Brush Ninja more as a creative tool is I am finding areas where the app is weak, and so I am fixing those shortcomings and testing them as I go. So not only do I get to improve my animation skills (which are pretty basic) but everyone is getting a better app out of it.

Oh - and I am making all the timelapse .brushninja files available for Members to download.

I also have more tutorials planned. One on timing will be out later this month.

If there is anything you would like to see on Youtube (tutorials/ video ideas/ new features) then let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

One of my favorite Gallery updates this month is this one using the Emoji Art tool.

Screenshot 2023-04-02 at 20.36.47.png

I haven’t done much with the Emoji art app since it was released, but because of this update I added the ability to make more detailed images, and I am going to add a couple of extra features. I don’t know how much the app is liked but I like it’s quirkyness so I plan to make some more updates over the next month or two.

We also had this beauty from a school in Scotland:


The special thing here is that they are using the Comic Maker to make tiny books. I’ve not seen anyone using this app before but I am so happy to see it being used. I have recently made some comics of my own (that I will publish at some stage) and so it’s lovely to see the app being used.

Thank you!

Thanks a lot for your support and to all the active Members. There’s lots planned for the coming months so I shall see you in 4 weeks.

All the best - Ben

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