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#11: New Brush Ninja Apps Released!

Hi there,

February was a busy month for me. I managed to finish the three new apps I’ve been mentioning over the last few newsletters and get them released. Finishing the apps is one thing, but I was expecting the documentation and website changes to take a lot longer so I am really pleased it went as smoothly as it did.

Richard Byrne from FreeTech4Teachers has made an awesome demo video showing how to use all of the new apps. Thanks Richard!

Brush Ninja - Make Gifs, Emoji Art and More!

There’s been a few updates in the gallery, I’ve posted some of my favourites below.

This is a great video and an example of using WeVideo together with Brush Ninja. I hadn’t seen WeVideo before, it looks like a great way to convert your gifs something I haven’t seen before.

This example of physics through animations is a fun example of the potential of Brush Ninja.

Something I would like to work on this month is restructuring the gallery in the backend. This would allow me to make things a bit easier to manage, but I also want to change it around so that I can add Emoji Art (and maybe Youtube videos) to the gallery.

Making Emoji Art is very quick and easy so seeing them on Twitter, or email (copy to clipboard ➡️ send me an email).

Thanks - and as always, let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions.

All the best - Ben

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