Brush Ninja Animated Gif Creator

Home Schooling with Brush Ninja

Teaching your children from home can be difficult, especially if you’re trying to juggle a job at the same time. Brush Ninja is a fun, free, tool that children can use for both education and entertainment.


Brush Ninja is ideal for reinforcing concepts children have learnt. Science shows that there is a connection between drawing things, and remembering things. Drawing things encourages people to think of topics in multiple ways, which makes them easier to recall later. Animating things takes this a step further. The addition of movement introduces repetition which helps to improve memory recall of the subject.

Check out the dedicated teaching page for more information on teaching with Brush Ninja. This should give you some ideas for home schooling with the app. There is also have a collection of education related animations to show you how Brush Ninja is used in the classroom.


Who doesn’t love cartoons? I’m sure most children enjoy them. Most children also enjoy drawing. Combine the two and you have a simple way for children to create their own stories, or worlds.

Getting started

The help pages explain the basics of using Brush Ninja, and there’s a more detailed page explaining how to get started with animation.

However I designed Brush Ninja to be simple to get started with. Easy to use, and to understand. My 4 year old (as of 2020) enjoys creating patterns that move, and so I hope that most children should be able to pick it up quite quickly.