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Photo Collage Help

Get help creating Photo Collages.

How to create a collage

I tried to make creating a photo collage as quick and easy as possible. You:

  1. Select a photo layout
  2. Click on the “pick image” box
  3. Select an image from your computer
  4. Repeat until all photos are full

Once the collage is setup you can try different layouts however you wish. If you chose a layout that has more photos than you have uploaded you can select the new photos too.

If you leave a photo block blank, it will be hidden when the image is exported so that it doesn’t show up on the final image.

Collage Settings

There are a variety of settings to help you customize your images. They are:

  • Size - The output image size. This has more to do with the scale than the actual size. Some sizes are exactly right for the comic maker.
  • Gap - The space between each photo.
  • Corners - How round the corners of each photo is. If there’s no gap between the photos then the border radius will be removed entirely.
  • Color - The background colour that will be visible in the gaps between the photos.

How to save your images

Saving your images is as simple as pressing the ‘download image’ button. The images will be downloaded and saved in your normal browser ‘Downloads’ folder.