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Paint Ninja Help

Get help creating art with Paint Ninja.

Paint Ninja is a free online drawing app that lets you create art in your browser. It’s perfect for creating emoji art, doodles, and sketches. This page will help you get started with Paint Ninja and show you how to use its features.


Paint Ninja has 2 toolbars, the file toolbar and the drawing toolbar. The file toolbar is at the top of the screen and the drawing toolbar is underneath it.

File Toolbar

The file toolbar has the following options:

  • New: Start a new drawing.
  • Open: Open an existing drawing (or photo).
  • Save: Save your image as a PNG file.

You can also use the file toolbar to undo and redo your actions, and zoom in and out of the image.

Drawing Toolbar

The drawing toolbar has the following options:

  • Paint Tool: The current drawing tool. When this is selected you can click on it again to change to a different drawing tool.
  • Pan Tool: This lets you move the drawing canvas around if it is not all visible at once, for example when you are zoomed in.
  • Brush Size: The size of the brush. You can change this by moving the bar on the slider.
  • Colour Picker: The current colour. Click on this to change the colour you are drawing with.
  • Colour Palette: A selection of pre-defined colours. Click on one to change the colour you are drawing with.

Drawing Tools

  • Pen: The classic solid bruch line. Automatically smooths out your line as you draw.
  • Pain Brush: A textured brush that simulates the look of real paint.
  • Spray Can: A splattery spray of colour that changes sizes as you move. The faster you move the smaller the area covered.
  • Quill: A brush that changes size as you draw. Move slowly to draw small lines, and quickly to draw larger lines.
  • Stamp: Add emojis to your drawing. Select your emoji from the sticker palette.
  • Paint Bucket: Fill in areas with a solid colour.
  • Eraser: Remove unwanted lines and shapes from your drawing.

Website Embeds

You can embed Paint Ninja on your website. This is a great way to engage your users and get them to interact with your site. To learn how to embed the editor on your website visit the Paint Ninja Website Embed page.