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Comic Maker Help

Get help with your Comic Maker problems.

How to create a comic

To create a comic you should select 8 different images. You will need a front and back cover, and 6 other images for the interior pages.

You will then need to Download the Comic, and print it out. Finally cut around the edges of the comic so that you just have your comic pages left. After this you can follow the instructions on the Comic Maker page for folding and cutting the page into a comic shape.

What to use the comic maker for

You can use the comic maker for any comic or booklet you can think of. The final items will be quite small, so should be light on text, but there’s no limit to the possibilities. For example you could make:

  • Comics
  • Information leaflets
  • Shopping lists
  • Weekly diaries
  • Daily todo lists
  • Custom puzzle books

Can you sell your comics

Absolutely. As long as you have the copyright for the images you use then you can sell whatever you make with the comic maker.