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Pokemon Day 2024 Animation

In honor of Pokemon Day 2024, commemorating the beloved franchise’s legacy, I crafted an animation featuring none other than Snorlax, the iconic and endearing Pokemon known for its adorable demeanor and formidable presence.

The original creation process took 27-minutes. Through the magic of timelapse, it’s been reduced to a little over one-minute.

To make the animation I first drew Snorlax using the Brush Tools. I used the “smooth” brush to make the lines nice and rounded. I used a custom colour to make sure Snorlax tummy and the soles of his feet were the right shade. I used the “send forward” and “send backward” buttons in the select tool to arrange things nicely. I also grouped some elements (the mouth and arms) so that I could move multiple objects as one.

I then duplicated the frame and moved elements around to create the impression of movement. I used Onion Skinning so that I could see the previous frame as I drew the next one. I also used the Onion Skinning to help me draw the feet in the right place.

I redrew the feet in a few different positions so that they were seen at the right angle. I also copied the first feet I drew and flipped them horizontally to make the opposite feet saving a bit of time. Once finished I changed the frame rate to 15fps to speed it all up a bit and then exported the animation.

Finally I drew the floor with some moving patches of darker ground to give the impression of forward movement.

Sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in the enchanting charm of Snorlax’s animated escapade. Happy Pokemon Day!

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