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#37: Bug Fixes and Elections 🥸

Hi there - welcome to another edition of the Brush Ninja newsletter!

Today is election day in the UK. It’s all a bit nervous and I’m struggling to focus. I hope we, as a country, make the right choice today!

Whatever happens I’m going to keep trying my hardest to make the best creative websites I can.

This last month has been one of mostly bug fixes and small improvements. My wife is still finding errors with the app, and I’m fixing them as fast as I can. Also I now have a Chromebook to test on, I know a lot of schools use these but I’ve not used one before so it’s been really interesting using Brush Ninja on it.

The Brush Ninja apps works pretty much the same everywhere, but the fact the Chromebook has a touch screen has shown me some areas where I could improve things. In addition the smaller screen size has shown me how frustrating it can be to use on smaller devices.

Brush Ninja looks great on my super high resolution Mac Book Pro, but the much smaller Chromebook doesn’t have enough space. So I have spent quite a lot of time trying to make the app work better on small screens. This is an incremental process, it’s going to take time to make it perfect but I think it’s going well. The downside is that this process has also introduced bugs which I am now having to fix.

I got a bunch of new gallery artworks added this week. I love seeing the creativity of people using Brush Ninja! Please do use the #brushninja hashtag if you share things, it makes it all much easier for me to find!





Paint Ninja

I’m also continuing to make improvements to Paint Ninja. This month it’s mostly been around the colour picker and usability. I think there’s lots of fun things to do with this app and I hope to be using it inside of other apps in the future! 😄

Have a Great Summer Break!

I may not send a newsletter next month. My son will be off of school so we’re going travelling for a couple of weeks but I will be sure to get back to things the following month, and I’m sure I will keep building things in the time I’m not away!

Have a great summer break!


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