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#3: Happy Easter

Hey there - can you believe we’re already a quarter of the way through the year?

When I set the schedule for this newsletter I didn’t consider I would be sending it out on April Fools. Fortunately I don’t join in so there’s no tricks in here.

New Stuff

Over the last month I have been spending some time tweaking and improving the app. Most of the changes are bug fixes which you won’t notice, but they should all make the app stronger.

However, there are a handful of new things.

Firstly, I’ve added emojis to the text editor, so you can be a bit more creative with your text entry. To use this go to the text tool, then bring up the text entry window (the white button on the right). You will see a list of emojis that you can click to add to the text box.

Note that you can also use whatever system you normally use for entering emojis.

  • On a Mac that’s by pressing Ctrl+Command+Space.
  • On Windows that’s by pressing Windows+., or Windows+;.

Secondly, I’ve changed how the paint brush works. Now, if you’ve set a fill colour (that isn’t transparent), then when you finish painting the shape you have drawn will be filled with the selected colour.

This is quite different to the current behaviour but I think it allows you to draw more quickly. Hopefully you agree.

I’ve also tried to make the custom colours more obvious. I get a lot of support emails from people asking how to add more colours, so hopefully this makes it clearer.

There have been some fantastic animations this month. I love seeing them tweeted out on Twitter.


Thanks a lot for using Brush Ninja, and continuing to create fantastic animation and give feedback on it.

If you want early access to new Brush Ninja features then please join my Patreon. I value every follower, and every dollar given gives me the opportunity to spend more time working on it.

Have a great weekend - Ben.

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