Make Emoji Art

Unlock your creative potential with this free online app dedicated to creating art using emojis. Great for generating retro-style pixel art creations using your favorite emojis. Upload your pixel-perfect masterpieces to social media to share the fun!

How to use the Emoji Art Maker โ†’

Below are some of the latest emoji art creations from the gallery. You can copy and paste these emoji, and some have the ability to edit them.

How to Use Brush Ninja Emoji Art Maker

To edit a pixel, simply select your emoji, and then click on the square where you would like this emoji to appear. Use the scroll bar to the right of the emojis, to see the full selection of emoticons available.

The number of pixels in your artwork can be adjusted using the Pixel Count button. The default pixel number is 100 pixels (10x10 grid), but the following other options are available: 144 pixels (12x12), 196 pixels (14x14) and 256 pixels (16x16).

The BG Color button will change the background color of all the individual pixels in your artwork. For example, if you are inserting a smiley face emoji, and you have selected a red background color, the corners of the pixel around the smiley face will be red. Each time you click the BG Colour button, it will switch to a new color. Keep pressing the button until you are happy with the color selected.

Once your artwork is complete, click the Share button to download or share your pixel art image.

  • Download Image: image on the Share menu will save the artwork as an image to the downloads folder on your device, under the name emoji-art.png.
  • Copy Art To Clipboard: Copy the emoji art in text format, select. The art can then be pasted into any applications where you can paste text. For example, the art can be added to a word processing document, or pasted into the text box of a social media update.
  • Copy Link To Clipboard: If you want to save the emoji art to work on again later, select this option. You can then paste the link somewhere safe to revisit later. An interesting feature of Brush Ninja Emoji Art Generator is that as you create your emoji art, the URL of the page you are working on changes to reflect your amendments to the pixel grid. Therefore pasting the copied URL back into a browser will take you back to exactly where you got to before clicking Share.

We hope that you enjoy using Brush Ninja Emoji Art! Donโ€™t forget to use the hashtag #BrushNinja when sharing your creations! If you have any feedback relating to the app, feel free to contact us.

Create Emoji Artworks

The generated images can be used in the comic maker, or you can share your art on social media.

โ„น๏ธ Emoji Art Help

Note that the emojis will display differently on different operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android etc). I like to think of this as a feature rather than a problem.

Donโ€™t forget that you can always save a copy of the created image so that you can share it as you see it.

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