Lesson Plan

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The Digestive System: How Our Bodies Process Food

Students will be able to identify the organs of the digestive system and describe their functions.


  1. Introduction (10 minutes): Begin by introducing the digestive system and its function. Show diagrams or models of the digestive system and ask students to identify the parts and describe their functions.
  2. Interactive Activity (20 minutes): Set up stations around the classroom where students can participate in hands-on activities related to the digestive system. For example, at one station students could create a paper model of the digestive system while at another they could examine and classify various food samples by their nutritional content. Encourage students to ask questions and make connections between the activities and the digestive process.
  3. Animation Activity (60 minutes): Instruct students to use Brush Ninja to create a simple animation that depicts the journey of food through the digestive system. Encourage them to include the organs of the digestive system and to label them in their animations.
  4. Sharing and Discussion (20 minutes): Once all animations are complete, have students share their work with the class. Encourage them to explain their thought process and describe the key features of their animations. Use chart paper to create a visual representation of the digestive system based on students’ descriptions.
  5. Conclusion (10 minutes): Conclude the lesson by reviewing the key concepts covered in the lesson. Encourage students to reflect on what they have learned and how they can apply this knowledge in their everyday lives.


  • Completed animations that accurately depict the journey of food through the digestive system
  • Participation in the interactive activity and class discussion
  • Completed chart paper visual representation of the digestive system
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