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Progress Update

28 April 2018

Recently I have been busy working away on Brush Ninja - but there’s not been much visible progress.

My main focus has been on the next stage of Brush Ninja, and that’s making a desktop app. I want to turn this simple web app into something you can use properly. On your computer. At any time.

By making a complete desktop app we can take advantage of things like saving in progress animations, and reopening them so we can edit them in the future. That’s just not possible on a website.

Whilst preparing the app for distribution as a desktop thing, I have also been finding all sorts of tweaks and improvements that help to refine the experience and generally make it more enjoyable to create things with.

For example; when using the arrow keys to scroll through the animation frames, the selection wraps when you get to the end. This makes it a lot easier to create looping animations. I plan to make the onion skinning wrap in the future as well.

I have also added some alternate export options. One for Twitter animated Gifs (since they turn the animation into a video which introduces looping errors), and the ninja file format - allowing the animation to be edited in the app.

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