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New: Erasers, Animation Sizes, and more Stickers

10 June 2021

So many new features this month, and some of them are hotly anticipated.


Ever since the Brush Ninja 2 release the most commonly requested new feature has been to add an Eraser. With the switch to a vector based rendering engine I had to remove the eraser. I felt that the additional benefits outweighed the loss of the Eraser, plus you could always move, rotate, scale, or delete individual shapes.

But an Eraser is still helpful, and last month the feature was added to the vector library I use. So I grabbed it as quickly as I could and added the feature in.

Usage involves simply selecting the Eraser brush when you’re in brush mode, and then erasing whatever you want.

Animation Sizes

Another common request is being able to draw on different size canvases. I thought this would be quite hard to add, and it took me a couple of weeks, but it’s now been added, and it adds a lot of potential for different uses.

To use it click the New button and you’ll be presented with a list of sizes.

More Stickers

When I was adding the eraser I found some problems with the stickers. Because they were originally drawn quite small the erasing happened at a low resolution so looked terrible. So I had to rebuild all the sticker images.

In the process I changed the workflow so I can update the stickers more easily, and as such I thought I would expand the list of shapes available. There’s now double the amount - I hope you enjoy them!

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