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New Drawing Tools

07 April 2020

I really wanted to improve the drawing tools with the new Brush Ninja update. Drawing images is great, but it’s much easier to work with objects. I attempted a fix for this with the move and rotate tools, and while they are quite cool it’s a bit awkward if you want to reuse elements of a drawing.

So this is what I have been working on recently. I am now using the awesome FabricJS javascript library to power the drawing tools.

Now when you draw a line it becomes an object. You can then select the line and move, scale, and rotate it.

The line is actually a vector shape. This means it’s defined mathematically. It’s not a collection of coloured dots. The advantage of this is that you can rotate and scale the object and it will always be drawn nice and crisp. No more blurring.

I’ve made a short video to demonstrate these new things.

If you would like to beta test the new version of Brush Ninja then become a patron on Patreon ($1 a month and up) and I will send you a link to an early, in development, version of the app!

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