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06 May 2020

Surprisingly (to me) I haven’t had many comments about adding text in Brush Ninja. It was a highly requested feature until I added it, and then people used it.

But I wasn’t entirely happy. I wanted to be able to edit it. And now that I can move, scale and rotate things; I wanted that as well.

And, whilst thinking about what I could do in the video, I realised emojis might work. And they do! 😎

Note: Emojis might work in the current version of Brush Ninja as well, but you can’t edit or scale the text.

If you want to edit and manipulate some text then you should subscribe to my Patreon for $1 (or more) a month. This will get you access to the in development version of Brush Ninja v2. The in dev version is further along than these videos show, and I try to publish new updates each week!

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