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Custom Color Palette

29 April 2020

One of the most requested features is more colors in the color palette. In version 1 I intentionally kept the palette limited. This was for 2 reasons.

  1. To make Brush Ninja easy to use
  2. To encourage creativity through limitations

Having now spent 2 years working on, and thinking about, Brush Ninja I now have a clearer understanding of how it’s used. And so I have worked out a way to make totally custom palettes, whilst still keeping the simplicity and creativity alive.

If you want to test the new palette for yourself then you should subscribe to my Patreon for $1 (or more) a month. This will get you access to the in development version of Brush Ninja v2. The in dev version is further along than these videos show, and I aim to release new updates each week.

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