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Constantly Improving Brush Ninja

04 March 2018

Brush Ninja is something that I have been thinking about on and off for a very long time so I have lots of ideas. That doesn’t mean I’ve worked everything out, or I have all the answers, but it does mean I have a big old todo list.

My development philosophy is to release little and often. I am releasing the minimum thing I can, and then improving it over time.

Brush Ninja has been live for a couple of weeks, and already it’s changed massively. For starters it now includes a blog! :)

What else? Since first releasing Brush Ninja I have added frame reordering, frame copying and deleting, a help page, keyboard shortcuts, and animation settings.

I have a handful of other things I want to add before I will call this a version 1, and they will pave the way for a more full featured version.

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